Returning to the world of roller Derby after injury

I shall introduce myself, in the outside world my name is Sue in the Derby world im McSue and my skate name is So Solid Sue.
In June 2013 at exactly 2030 I fell and broke my ankle training with the Devon clotted screamers. As any one who has broken a...

Derby Name: Bonesy

Number: 34

Team(s): Starlettes, Roller Rebel Alliance

Position(s): Pivot,Secret jammer (when shoved out with a star on my head)

Motto: Be phenomenal or be forgotten (Eric Thomas)

Athletic Background: Soccer,Basketball-since 4yr old been involved in team sports.

Derby Birthday/Anni


Derby name: Pamm*Tastic

Number: 313

Teams : Bandettes, Starlettes, Roller Rebel Alliance

Position: Any, what ever I'm told, but usually blocker.

Motto: Don't have one.

Athletic background: Absolutely none.

Derby birthday/anniversary:  Aug 5,2010. W/SDRD Jan 14,2013

Story behind your name: Pamm come


Derby name: Samwise Banshee

Number: 101

Teams : Roller Rebel Alliance, previously Starlettes and Sake Tuyas & Rumble B’s of Atlanta Rollergirls.

Position: Pivot/Jammer


Athletic background: Just about every game in the book. I’ve always loved team sports and, once I found


Derby Name: Sinister Rouge

Number: 430

Team(s): October 2011-June 2013: Tulare Kings Roller Derby; September 2013-present: San Diego Roller Derby, Rollin’ Ninjas

Position(s): Pivot/Blocker

Motto: “Never give up on yourself, if you want something work for it and achieve it”

Athletic Background: